What is ASK / CA ManMan ?



What Is ASK/CA Manman ?

ASK/CA Manman is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This is a system which provides reports and utilities to manage every aspect of a business, from booking in orders, scheduling manufacturing runs, estimating inventory requirements and raising purchase orders, to shipping the final product and receiving payment.

Originally written by the ASK Group, Manman was subsequently bought by Computer Associates (CA), then SSA Global Technologies. At the time of writing, Manman is owned by infor

The system is written in FORTRAN to run on HP3000 and DEC Vax platforms. An Image database is used on the HP platform, and DBMS on the Vax.

Manman is largely being replaced with ERP systems from Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and others.

The Core Four

Manman comprises the following four main software modules (known as The Core Four):

Manufacturing - Controls inventory, Master Production Schedule (MPS), Material Requirement Planning (MRP), vendors, purchasing (Purchase Orders), production (Work Orders)

Order Management and Accounts Receivable (OMAR) - Controls customers, customer orders, billing

Accounts Payable (AP) - Controls vendor invoicing and payments

General Ledger - Controls Fiscal Calendars, Trial Balance, Posting Transfers, closed period adjustments

In addition Manman has several other optional modules (Engineering, Projects, Quality, Tracker, Repetitive to name a few).

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